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I feel as all the guys that fall for end up to be douche bags, who enjoy messing around with girls and their emotions -_- gah! Need to work on that. 😤😤✊ !aja! Fighting! ✊✊ 😪

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You can’t kill me bc I’m already dead unter We Heart It.

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I feel like giving up on my dreams, I don’t think its all going to work out. I feel like I’m just wasting everyone and my own time trying to achieve something so far away from my grasp. 

I can’t talk to anyone about this, and one person who is always there I can’t even get myself to gain the courage to talk to him, I know he can help but with all the things I’ve been failing to achieve I can’t talk to him. 

This also shows me if I can’t continue the work I promised myself to concur what makes you think I can succeed in fulfilling my dreams. 

I’m so lost and frustrated I can’t think straight and its giving me a headache, ….>_<…..

I’m failing everyone!!! 

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All applicants should have gotten their emails, if I accidentally skipped you, I sincerely apologise. Please welcome Jane and Grey onto our team, as the writers for Haru and Gou respectively!

A big thank you to everyone that applied or signal boosted our search for a Gou writer. We (and especially Gou artist Ellie) are extremely happy we won’t have to abandon Gou’s route!

That picture, is it from an anime?? ^.^

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I want to have fluttery girly feeling for someone again. But I can’t anymore not since that happened.
It all got zapped away when I admitted my feelings. 😞👓😒
I wish it could all start fresh again and maybe this time be the right true one. Frustrated with other around happy and being in a bliss of happiness with the one they feel for. 😝😝👅

Posted 3 months ago

Why do I fall for guys i can never have? 😔

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Blonde hair and dark emerald colored eyes. ☺️🙊💘 😳
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What does it mean when you hate someone but then stop because you want to change your ways of viewing your thoughts of hating someone ends up the one who is constantly on your mind. Does that mean I have deeper feelings for that someone? ( ̄□ ̄;)

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Why is it that those who are dear to me in my heart tend lend leave me or “let go of my hand” it’s hard having people come in when they end up just marking a place on my hear then just leaving me. 😪😔